Protect your assets.

Changes in the economy and their financial consequences to both businesses and individuals mean missed payments and loan default.

Texas Asset Gathering in Granbury, Texas will be your partner in the repossession process.

Our experienced professionals provide quick, safe transportation and storage of assets while following all federal, state and local laws. Whether a voluntary or involuntary repossession, you can be assured it will be handled in an efficient and professional manner.

We provide auto recovery using LPR Camera Technology.We also handle RVs, and boat recovery. Plus, additional powersport vehicle recovery from motorcycles to ATVs and UTVs. Our experienced team can effectively handle oil and gas equipment recovery.

Full-Service Recovery Solutions

Auto Recovery

Boat or RV Recovery

Motorcycle Recovery

ATV and UTV Recovery

Oil & Gas Equipment Recovery

RV Recovery

Collateral Transport


Experienced repossession agents who can handle potentially volatile situations in a rational manner to avoid conflict. Safeguarding your assets in the process.

The equipment and facilities to ensure that from locating, to transporting, to storing, your assets remain safe and secure in the repossession process.

Employment of LPR (License Plate Recognition) High Speed Camera Technology to quickly identify vehicles that have been listed for repossession.

The ability to recover a wide range of assets. We repo more than cars and trucks. RVs, boats, and oil and gas equipment are just some of what Texas Asset Gathering agents can handle.

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